Google has invested heavily in artificial intelligence in China, and the public is in a bad mood: it


Recently, Fox TV broadcasted a news about Google's investment in AI in China, which made American netizens explode.

Fox, as a traditional American TV station, was not satisfied with the new media that had to watch Google and die. Everything wanted to be criticized. This time, it also involved China, let alone spare it.

Fox describes Google with a very sensational headline

Google's investment in AI in China is a very common business activity, but in their eyes has become a "capital enemy", saying that "the PLA is obsessed with AI and tries to gain greater advantages than our military power through AI".

In this provocation, the American people finally fried the pot. There were nearly 200 comments in the commentary area of the video, almost all of which were cursing Google.

Many of them scold Google for treason:

Zuckerberg's reclining gun:

Seeing the response of the American people is so great, I believe that many Chinese netizens will ask questions, what is Google investing in China? Two news about Google's investment in China has finally been found on the Poor Internet of Heavy Weapon. One is that at the end of last year, Google announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence research center in China. The other is that it joined Softbank to inject $1.9 billion into Manbang Group, China Highway Internet Platform, of which Google invested $900 million.

In fact, whether it's the establishment of AI China Center or the injection of $900 million, it's a drop in the bucket for the global technology giant Google. So why did the American people react so much? According to the editorial of Heavy Weapons, this is because the mentality of the American people has exploded.

Today's United States is like some immature "hero league" game players, the advantage of the wave everywhere, today hit this, tomorrow hit that. Who knows that China, which was hanged earlier, withstood the pressure, silently repaired the knife and secretly developed, with hidden signs of overturning the plate against the wind and winning the canyon. Seeing the hopeless victory, the American people's mentality exploded. Instead of reflecting on their own mistakes, they began to scold their teammates. Google is obviously a backpacker.

In recent years, American power has declined sharply. Under the pressure of China's rise, the United States has panicked from the elite to the Diao silk class. Jin Canrong once said: In the past, the American mentality was very good, you scold it, it jokes with you; now, who scolds the United States, it will be urgent with you.

China's Artificial Intelligence has been at the forefront of the world

Putin once said that the winner of AI has won the world, China has been in the forefront of the world in the field of artificial intelligence, and BAT has become the world's daunting name. In addition to China's huge financial investment and policy support, China also has an invaluable treasure, that is, one fifth of the world's Internet users. China's 800 million netizens are generating huge amounts of data every minute and every second, which is extremely important for in-depth learning.

Google set up AI Center in China. One is to make use of China's unique development environment and to lay out the huge Chinese market in the future. Such a wise move has been scolded by the American people. The decline of big powers can be seen from the people's mentality and intelligence quotient.
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