Lancdon Kay Investment and Siusan Shengxuan Investment Announce Contract with AEC Ecological Strateg


Recently, it was learned that the AE Ecology created by Jeff Angus has received a $90 million injection from the famous British investment company {Lancdon Lankai Investment}, and the US {Siusan Shengxuan Investment} voted! The specific amount has not been disclosed, but according to the official website data of Siusan Shengxuan Investment, the total amount of funds invested this time is expected to exceed 150 million US dollars! Lancdon Lankai Investment Fund Management said: This investment is a major adjustment of the company's strategic development direction. In the future, it will focus on innovative Internet projects and current blockchain hotspots, and use its own global resources to integrate and wait for opportunities. Bringing the AE ecological project to the world, this will undoubtedly throw a nuclear bomb for the current blockchain industry, and transform the AE ecological system into a world-class blockchain project innovation center!

At the signing ceremony, the heads of the two companies jointly stated that the AE Ecosystem will fundamentally replace the existing economic model. It is simpler, more efficient and fairer. This is why we made this important choice. The development of AE large system, accumulate more investment experience in innovative fields! For human beings to participate in economic activities, participants are often not the winners of the final interests, but they are the biggest payers of the economy. The AE ecological system, which puts members in the first place, will greatly The current changes in the world's existing business landscape have deepened people's perception of the blockchain!
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