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Lancdon Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as lancdon) is a global professional entity space investment platform, dedicated to providing real space investment products based on lifestyle and asset allocation, advocating "investing in a better life", always focusing on the areas of block chains, finance, hotels, residential quarters, apartments, office, health, entertainment and other fields, serving entity space financing and marketing needs, supporting entities. Economic construction, efficient links between physical space and user's "investment and consumption" needs.

Over the years since its establishment, it has obtained many rounds of financing with a total amount of more than 10 billion yuan. Shareholders'institutions have been established with smooth capital, leading the world.

20+ Established more than 20 years ago

10+ Top Ten Global Investment Agencies

200+ Tens of thousands of projects invested in services

10000+ More than 100 have been built. High Value and Strong Brand

In the past 20 years, with continuous practice and innovation in the professional field, lancdon has promoted tens of thousands of international enterprises to realize brand value, created more than 1000 high-value strong brands, and has become a well-known brand marketing planning agency.

Official websitehttp://lancdon.net