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Al ferbert and his team

Alan Salzman and Jim Marver founded VantagePoint Venture Partners in 1996 with a mission to identify, invest in and mentor young companies looking to revolutionize industries and change the world. After a number of successful information technology and internet investments, including the original social-media site MySpace and the wildly popular low-cost Flip video camera, it became clear that the world’s energy practices were in desperate need of modernization. Crumbling infrastructure, over-reliance on fossil fuels, gross inefficiency and a growing world population all seemed addressable by careful application of advanced technology in areas such as bio-chemicals, solid-state lighting, electrification of transportation, solar-power generation, grid modernization, resource efficiency and other energy-related sectors......


Over 50 VantagePoint portfolio companies have either achieved an initial public offering, been acquired or merged for an investor exit. Those, along with the current portfolio of active investments, represent nearly 100 companies in diverse areas such as electric vehicles, biochemicals, advanced business services, internet and digital media, energy efficiency, social media, communications, robotics, healthcare, power management, cloud-based software, consumer technology and advanced network hardware systems.
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